Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conservativs Under Attack!!!!

Dear Fat Guys At The Corner,

You morons have missed the point. The point is not that there's a problem with expressing skepticism about Carroll's initial statements. The problem is whining like a spoiled teenager about how her statements didn't meet your ideological criteria when you didn't know what the eff you were talking about. The problem is not that we think she should or should not have been believed. The problem is how fundamentally gross it is for one to stuff cheet-o's into one's mouth with one hand while typing scurilous things about another person (who's just been through a trauma which you can't possibly understand) with the other. You jerks wrote petulantly about this woman as if she were a TV show you didn't like. Only spoiled teenagers think this sort of behavior is at all appropriate. Doing the "nya nya I was right" (especially when you weren't) dance, while at the same time striking a pose of indignant victimhood, doesn't make you any less pathetic.


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