Monday, March 06, 2006

Rooms To Let-A Little More Than Fifty Cents

Not that you can afford it at $300-$700 per night, but you might want to rethink any plans to visit the Waldorf-Astoria this summer. It looks like Unite-Here has got all of their ducks in a row for a big labor crack up in hotel land, and Hilton, the Waldorf's owner, is a prime target. Apparently, despite the first-class pricetag and unprecedented revenues, Hilton can't manage to honor contracts with the folks who do the dishes and change the sheets. Fortunately, labor is ready with an extra large strike fund, and have timed their contracts nationwide to coincide, strategic thinking that the rest of the labor movement would do well to learn from . Thanks to Rob at AAAunite for the story.

In case you are planning to stay in a hotel sometime soon, check out the Union Hotel Guide for a labor-friendly place to rest your weary head.

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