Thursday, December 22, 2005

Outrageous O'Reilly!!!1!1!!

Media Matters documents O'Reilly baiting us "left-wing smear sites" into commenting on his statement that a cab-driver who demanded $300 to drive a friend's daughter to the airport "should be shot dead". Allow us to take the bait. This statement is totally outrageous, but not for the reason you think. What's outrageous is that O'Reilly is a free-market kinda guy and yet he's complaining about an entrepreur making a pretty decent business decision. Why shouldn't the cab-driver, operating in a free market, demand whatever he thinks it's worth to drive to the airport? What, you want a break because there's a transit strike on? You think that's "price-gouging"? Eff that. I call it "the market at work".

I think this points out that O'Reilly isn't really pro-market. It's more like he's "pro-whatever-benefits Bill O'Reilly at the moment" - or, as we called it on the playground in Detroit, "a big effin' whinin' cryin' baby".

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