Friday, August 19, 2005

Genus: Boobus, Species: Freeperus Troglodytus

Just last weekend Benn and I were conversing about the composition of the Baltimore Blogosphere; specifically about the ratio of straight up liberal political blogs to "blogging your life" type blogs. We didn't settle on a number, but we did count our own blogs as members of the first set. This post removes RUFNKM from that set, unless someone else soon writes something to make up for the forthcoming illiberal remarks.

Before today I never really believed there was really such a thing as an honest-to-Forbush Freeper. I knew about the website and the opinions of its "membership". I read the membership and usage statistics detailed in What Liberal Media; how many hours the average visit lasted and so on. I just assumed this was a result of the three actual members having to log in and out of all the different aliases they had in order to give the illusion of a user base - much like back in the old usenet days when the same Nazi guy would post under 10 different names to arguing, sometimes ferociously, over the finer points of the Turner Diaries while taking time out to yell "communist aethiest Jew Lover!!!!" at the rest of us. I always resonded with "guilty of all three!". But I (only slightly) digress....

Imagine my shock when I viewed the video on the right of this post. Freepers do actually exist! And there's more than 3 of them! Even if you already knew that you should click the link for a laugh. There's nothing funnier than watching an over-weight middle aged service record lacking girl's name and huge knockers having white man explain to an ex-marine, who happens to be holding a "end the war now" sign, how said ex-marine is "disrespecting the corps" and "stabbing them in the back." ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME? If these are the people that love my country then I can only hope and pray that love goes unrequited. I'd hate to think of my country stuck in a relationship with one of these guys. They'd probably beat her for being too lippy - oh wait, she is and they are.