Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Things That Don't Fail To Surprise...

This post may be somewhat obtuse, but read on. We think it's interesting.

Of course many people have commented on Tom Ridge's resignation. We didn't bother yesterday, because of recent events which made it seem obvious that he was at best an inconsequential figure. We don't know enough about Ridge's previous history to know if he's a political hack or what, but we do have - for probably the first and only time - an insight into how the DHS runs.

We've heard the DHS desribed in rather cynical terms as yet another tax payer funded money sinkhole with very little interest in - or mandate for - formulating public policy and as much oversight as the Defense Department had in the 1980's. In fact, the parallels to the Reagan era defense department are pretty astounding.

Apparently the DHS's main purpose is to take taxpayer money and "research" and "develop". What this entails is "the usual suspects" - ie defense contractors - making money off of the taxpayer. No suprise there. As far as any actual policy goes, if something is proposed that might involve regulation or making laws (you know, the whole "governing" thing), the DHS doesn't want to hear your ideas. As for Ridge, it apparently doesn't matter who runs the place. The mid level guys - good sound ideologues to a man - know what they are supposed to do and will do it no matter who's theoretically in charge. Getting placed as head of an agency like that sounds like the ultimate political appointment really, but it probably needs to keep circulating in order to make it appear that progress is being made. Hence Ridge leaving the job sooner rather than later.

So take heart ya'll! We have yet more evidence that our government is working hard to keep us safe and secure, spending our money on only the best possible people and programs. ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?


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