Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who controls the present...

I was talking to my cousin yesterday. He's a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy ... flies jets off boats ... lands jets on boats.
He's a college-educated, independent thinking, smart, young man.

I bring up his commander-in-chief, the one he voted for, to see if he's still all I LOVE BUSH! and BUSH LOVES ME!

He says that a lot of people in the Navy are getting worn out. They think this war has gone on long enough, etc.

Jim asks him if there are any Democrats in his navy. He answers that there's a few but they catch a lot of shit. He tells us how people argue and the people who aren't all about Bush are berated and treated like crap.
Then he starts talking about when they get a weekend off and they stay at friends house's ... inevitably the friend has a roomate that leans to the left and arguments ensue.

"You always see fights like this," he says, "late at night, the patriot vs. the liberal..."

The patriot vs. the liberal!

He wasn't being ironic or sarcastic. He was casually describing two opposites.

The patriot believes in big brother, loves America and liberty and all things good.

The liberal can't be a patriot. The liberal hates America, scorns big brother and won't be happy 'til the party and the American way of life is destroyed.

INGSOC anyone?