Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I'm confused

So first I thought US forces didn't use white phosphorous projectiles in Iraq, or at least only used them for illumination; then it turns it we did, but only a few, and everyone else uses them.

Sort of like how we don't do torture, according to the Great Leader, which is so true that the Senate's passage of a bill to prevent torture of detainees is opposed by the White House and Dick Cheney.

But it's the Democrats and critics of the war - i.e., the majority of the American people - who are playing with the facts and rewriting history. Even though the commissions Bush will cite as vindicating him had no authority to investigate why intelligence went wrong, and members of Congress did not have access to the same intelligence he did, and even though, today, the committee headed up by Roberts that is supposed to be investigating this mess calmly ignored a deadline it set for itself to move forward.


Now, maybe I'm confused because of my social scientific background, but would it be biased for a journalist to point out that, given events we know to have occurred and statements we know were made, Bush and Cheney are lying? How is it possible that they and their lackeys can just keep repeating things for which there is abundant evidence of falsehood?

BTW, we learned today today that Cheney did in fact meet with oil executives in formulating his "energy policy" (i.e. handouts to oil cronies), White House and oil industry denials notwithstanding. Good thing Ted Stevens didn't have them sworn in, cause then they could go to jail; I mean, not like he would know they were going to lie, being from a big oil producing state or anything like that.

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