Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Said Nest

I live in an enclave. I work in a nest. The difference? I'd like to believe that those in the enclave were a) drawn by the neighborhood's features and not by hypnosis and b) they may check out AND/OR leave anytime they please. Must..resist..must..not..put..magnetic..ribbon..on..car.

You may or may not note that I've changed my profile name as to escape detection from said nest. This may escape the gentle reader's attention since I almost never have anything to post about.

However, this is all about to change. Said Nest (May I change my employer's name to Said Nest?) has given me much to talk about. Do not press for details, locations or names. I cannot reveal such information without three or four cocktails.

Anyway, today's outrage comes in the form of art history. Or perhaps, art and history. Or perhaps, art fictionry. Said Nest hosts a portrait of our Esteemed Leader (read: Our A-Hole President). This portrait caught my eye the other day and I stood to ponder its details. As I stood and pondered, I became unaware of the many insects flying in and out of my open mouth. Kindly correct me if I was unjustly agape.

Regrettably, it's only a head shot. Therefore, it is unclear as to the prez's attire. It appears to be some kind of bomber jacket, flight suit or otherwise rough-and-tumble-ready-for-action gear. He is holding a megaphone and looking off into the distance, perhaps at the sunset or a triage unit. In the distance, we see those two towers crashing and burning.

Did I miss something? Was this man actually at the scene? Directing traffic, maybe? As far as I remember, his ass was getting cozy up in the atmosphere, directing minions (kind of like traffic) to actually take care of business. Now, I have been credited with a faulty memory. It's true that, on this actual date, I was lying in the grass, listening to what the bugs had to say and hoping for a message about the remainder of actual goodness in the world. Maybe I missed this heroic moment in the four to five days of constant, televised coverage of this major, fucking tragedy.

How is it that this man is not only automatically associated with 9/11 but placed at the event, playing hero?

Need I say it? Are you effin' kidding me?

Watch this space for further crimes of misrepresentation from S.N.

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