Friday, August 19, 2005

More on Fristy...

We all remember the much publicized "break" with Bush over stem cells...a man of principle! He's distinguished himself from the frothy mixture from Pennsylvania! An independent!

Then he does this.

So you have to ask yourself - was the stem cell thing a ploy?

I mean...if you don't think that stem cells are life forms in some way, you don't believe life begins at conception, and you don't take the Bible literally...but, if you think that intelligent design is "legitimate," that means you probably do take the Bible literally, or at least act like it for certain it's all quite confusing.

Bottom line: Frist is an opportunistic worm - at least Santorum has the balls to stick with an ethos. Why break on stem cells? Because it's popular; because it's probably a dead issue; and because if nothing happens - i.e., a bill gets passed and Bush passes it - nothing bad comes to Fristy, who can portray himself as a moderate come 2008 (I done broke me with Bush on them dang stem cells!) while advocating the teaching of intelligent design.

How much of the research upon which Frist relied as a physician would be theoretically grounded, I wonder, if we cast out evolution and reliance on primates as models and test animals?

Here's the this. I assumed that the title of the post, following as it did on a post on Frist and ID, made clear the referent.