Monday, July 11, 2005

Stating the obvious...

It's taken a damn long time, but finally, a member of the White House press corps has said what could be said every time Scott McClellan opens his word-hole: "You’re not saying anything."

This with respect to Scott McClellan's new-found tightlippedness when it comes to an ongoing investigation. The Yesman in chief had been more than willing to deny wrongdoing, to assure that those responsible for outing Valerie Plame would be swiftly punished, so long as Matthew Cooper and Judith "Queen of Iraq" Miller weren't talking. Now they are, and turns out, much to the wet dreams of many observers of this White House, Karl Rove himself was behind it. His lawyer says, Yeah, he told Cooper that Wilson's wife was an agent, but he didn't say her name...right.

Anyway, so the press corps has finally strapped one on, and have taken it to the craphole that has been lying to them for nearly two years. Highlights:

"You stood at that podium and said that Karl Rove was not involved. And now we find out that he spoke about Joseph Wilson’s wife. So don’t you owe the American public a fuller explanation. Was he involved or was he not? Because contrary to what you told the American people, he did indeed talk about his wife, didn’t he?"

"Now that Rove has essentially been caught red-handed peddling this information, all of a sudden you have respect for the sanctity of the criminal investigation."

"So you’re not going to respond as to whether or not the president has confidence in his deputy chief of staff?"

"QUESTION: Who is Karl Rove as it relates to this administration?
MCCLELLAN: Do you have questions on another topic?
QUESTION: No, no, no, no. Who is Karl Rove as it relates to this current administration?"

"Scott, I think you’re getting this barrage today in part because it is now clear that 21 months ago you were up at this podium saying something that we now know to be demonstrably false.
Now, are you concerned that in setting the record straight today that this could undermine the credibility of the other things you say from the podium?"

Full transcript here.

Few observers of Rove would be surprised that his hand was in this cookie-jar - apparently, though, he and the rest of the White House figured they could rely on Cooper and Miller to keep quiet. They might have, though it turns out that Cooper talked because Luskin, Rove's lawyer, bit off more than he could chew in spouting talking points to the Wall Street Journal: "If Matt Cooper is going to jail to protect a source," Mr. Luskin told The Journal, "it's not Karl he's protecting."

Luskin is an interesting cat - he took $500,000 in gold bars from some drug-money launderers he defended (one of whom is serving 660 years) - he had to pay $245,000 to the government.

Anyway, it gets more interesting by the day - the minute, actually. Bush pledged to get rid of the guy who was behind, something McClellan pooped out of his mouth in repetition more than once...and of course he will! They brought honor and integrity back to Washington after our long national nightmare of peace, prosperity, and sub-desk fellatio.

But this is Karl Rove we're talking about, the brains behind Bush - I expected a smaller man, said Triumph the Insult Dog after seeing Rove. So if you think he's going to get canned, all I can say is, Are you effin kidding me?

More to the point: lets say Rove gets indicted for perjury, or for knowingly revealing the name of a CIA operative. You can't pardon the guy if you're Bush - even Fox news would have a tough time spinning that, though they'd figure it out eventually. (It would somehow involve freedom hatred and terrorists winning.) More to the point, this isn't some low level flunky. He knows all sorts of goodies...about energy deals, lead up to war, misallocation of funds from Afghanistan to Iraq, etc., etc...not the kind of guy you'd want cutting a deal with a prosecutor if you were in a White House that is facing congressional demands for investigations into the lead up to a war conducted under what may have been knowingly false pretense, and that is facing nomination fights on two Supreme Court justices.

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