Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Carpetbagging what?

Ok, I've been slow to warm to the whole blog thang, mostly due to everyone else's fine articulation. Y'all sure know how to intimidate a gal with your high-falutin' knowledge. A few thoughts have been simmering in the old pot, however, and I can keep a lid on 'em no more...

In Prince George's County, the schoolchildren have had a new boss for the past year. One Andre Hornsby was recruited from New York to be our very own superintendent. He accepted heartily, mostly because he was being booted out of his current position but also because P.G. was nice enough to let him change his job title to CEO. I guess superintendent smacks a little too mucha socialism for old Andre..or something. Mind you, the people of NY tried to warn PG of Andre's past exploits. Seems he favored certain companies for big, fat educational system contracts if they happened to send him on a trip or buy him a new Palm Pilot. But, the good folks of Prince George's County (just a few, that is, no one asks anyone who really has a stake in the matter) decided to bring him down anyway to salvage our school system from the wreck Iris Metts left behind. Iris Metts was the former superintendent. Quick bio: Recruited from Delaware, gave her personal aides six-figure bonuses upon her hire, was almost ousted by her own board in a very exciting coup. Too bad the ending was not so exciting and we ended up with...

Well, it turns out Dr. Hornsby is about to give a big, fat educational system contract to a software company who sent him on an all-expense paid trip to South Africa last year. Gasp! How could he! Never mind the fact that many schools in PG County have few to no operational computers, have had to lay off tech teachers in budget crunches, have no time to use fancy-ass software due to new Third Reich-esque testing requirements (Thanks again to that littlest mind left behind). But, I digress.

I'm sure this story is familiar to Baltimoreans who have lived through several imported police commissioners who started more scandals than they put down. ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? What the fuck is the deal with the carpetbaggers? Why do we spend all of this time and energy finding people from far away who have no vested interest in fixing the place we done brought 'em? What ever happened to someone coming up through the ranks, learning a particular system, becoming familiar with its peculiar problems, remembering what the hell it was like to work in said trenches..and so on, and so on. Here's hoping that a week from today one particularly odious, carpetbaggin' motherfucker (and you too, Alan Keyes!) is packing his bags and heading back to that other state he doesn't really come from.


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